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The Jean Monnet Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice focuses on the study of international and European economic integration and European Union law via fellowship opportunities for scholars, and online resources for the greater academic world.


Our Most Recent Jean Monnet Working Papers

Jean Monnet Working Paper Series, 2014:

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No. 11/14: Barry E. Carter
The United States: Use, Non-Use, and Abuse of International Law in the U.S. Legal Order

No. 10/14: J.H.H. Weiler
Van Gend en Loos: The Individual as Subject and Object and the Dilemma of European Legitimacy

No. 09/14: Hélène Ruiz Fabri
Is There a Case – Legally and Politically – For Direct Effect of WTO Obligations?

No. 08/14: Michel Rosenfeld
Is Global Constitutionalism Meaningful or Desirable?

No. 07/14: Sophie Robin-Olivier
The Evolution of Direct Effect in the EU: Stocktaking, Problems, Projections

No. 06/14: André Nollkaemper
The Duality of Direct Effect of International Law

No. 05/14: Francesca Martines
Direct Effect of International Agreements of the European Union

No. 04/14: Jan Komárek
Waiting for the Existential Revolution in Europe

No. 03/14: Damian Chalmers and Luis Barroso
What Van Gend en Loos Stands For

No. 02/14: William M. Carter, Jr. and Vivian Grosswald Curran
The Use, Abuse, and Non-Use of International Law in the United States and France

No. 01/14: Eyal Benvenisti and George W. Downs
The Premises, Assumptions, and Implications of Van Gend en Loos:
Viewed from the Perspectives of Democracy and Legitimacy of International Institutions
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