Global Fellows Forum, Spring 2004

Global Fellows Forum
Spring 2004

The Global Fellow Forums are at the heart of a revitalized Global Fellows Program, and an important element in the Global Program's "Turn to Scholarship" initiated by Professor Joseph Weiler. The primary mission of the Global Fellow Program is the production of publishable scholarship. In meeting throughout the year, the forum serves as an important vehicle for facilitating the achievement of that mission.

Our forums feature presentations of research by Global Fellows throughout the year to an audience of other NYU Law Fellows, faculty, and invited guests, providing an opportunity for Fellows to gather, collaborate, share ideas and provide feedback in a supportive and intellectual environment.

January 20th 2004   Alessandra Arcuri
(Ph.D. candidate, Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics (RILE))
February 4th 2004   Yigal Mersel
(Senior Legal Assistant to President Aharon Barak, Supreme Court of Israel)
March 3rd 2004   Gidon Rothstein
March 9th 2004   Jackie Peel (Lecturer, University of Melbourne)
March 31st 2004   Jean Marc Coicaud (Acting head of the United Nations University office to the United Nations in New York)
April 19th 2004   Nicholas Bamforth (University Lecturer in Law, Oxford University)
May 5th 2004   Alyona Kucher (Professor, Moscow State University) and Hangwu Tang (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore)

(Session chaired by Professor Kevin Davis, Visiting Professor of Law, NYU School of Law )
Global Fellows Forum
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