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Fellows for the Academic Year 2004-2005:

- Emile Noel Fellows -

Sanem Baykal
Sanem Baykal (Turkey), Assistant Professor, Ankara University Law School, Department of EU Law; Research Project: "Democracy, Legitimacy and Efficiency: Does The Draft Constitutional Treaty of The EU Get It Right"

Chung Pic

Chan-Mo Chung (Korea), Research Fellow, Korea Information Strategy Development Institute; Research Project: "Toward Information and Telecommunications Market Integration in Eastern Asia: Lessons from the EU, NAFTA and WTO"

Comella Picture
Rosa Comella (Spain), S.J.D., Harvard Law School; Research Project: "Democracy and the Administrative State in the European Union: A Critical Analysis of Infranationalism, Multi-Level Governance and Cooperative Policy-Making"

Marco Dani
Marco Dani (Italy), Research Associate, Department of Legal Sciences, University of Trento; Research Project: "Economic Constitutional Identities (ECIs) in the European Constitutional Space: Conflict, Assimilation, Integration."

Kevin Klingbeil
Kevin Klingbeil (USA), Executive Director, Jean Monnet Center

Federico Ortino
Federico Ortino (Italy), Lecturer, University of Trento, School of Law and University of Siena, School of Literature and Philosophy; Research Project: "The National Treatment Principle as the Fundamental Norm in the Regulation of International Trade: Is it Time to Move On?"

Theodor Schilling (Germany/Luxembourg), Lawyer-Reviser, Court of Justice of the EC, Extraordinary Professor, Humboldt University; Research Project: "Constitutionalization of International Law- An Answer to Globalization"

Boris Rotenberg
Boris Rotenberg (Belgium), Ph.D candidate, European University Institute; Research Project: "The Legal Status of European Initiatives in the Field of E-Government: Electronic Identity Management, Open Source Software and the EU Charter's Right to Good Administration"

Amanda Sloat
Amanda Sloat (USA), Research Fellow, Queen's University Belfast; Research Project: "Enlargement, Gender Governance: The Civic and Political Participation of Women in Central and Eastern European Candidate Countries"


- Visiting Doctoral Researchers -

Rafael Leal Arcas
Rafael Leal Arcas (Spain), Ph.D candidate, European University Institute; Research Project: "WTO Negotiations on Trade in Services in the Doha Development Agenda: What are the Legal Implications Thereof for the EC and What are the Consequences of the Nice Treaty Reform"


Tzvika Nissel

Alan Tzvika Nissel (USA), Visiting Doctoral Researcher/Academic Assistant, Jean Monnet Center and Hauser Global Law School Program


Michael Wilkinson
Michael Wilkinson (UK), EU-US Fulbright Research Scholar; Research Project: "The Idea of Post-National Constitutionalism"

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