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Tzvika Nissel
Alan Tzvika Nissel (USA), Visiting Doctoral Researcher/Academic Assistant, Jean Monnet Center and Hauser Global Law School Program


Visiting Doctoral Researchers for the Academic Year 2004/05

After graduating with a degree in English Literature from Yeshiva University (1997), Tzvika read English Law in Jesus College, Cambridge University (1999). He began working as a real estate analyst and then covered emerging market banks (1999-2001). Subsequently he clerked in the Supreme Court of Israel (2002) and earned an L.L.M. in International Legal Studies from the NYU School of Law (2003). In 2004, Tzvika was a founding partner of Dudley Lotus LLP, a US law firm with an international law practice. He is currently writing his doctoral dissertation on International Responsibility for the University of Helsinki, and he is a serving as both Visiting Doctoral Researcher of the NYU School of Law and Academic Assistant of the Jean Monnet Center.

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