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Antonio Segura-Serrano, Lecturer, University of Granada (Spain); Research Project: “Internet Regulation and the Role of International Law”

- Fellows for the Academic Year 2005-2006

Antonio Segura Serrano obtained his law degree in 1993 at the University of Granada where he began to specialize in the Law of the European Union as a researcher. He has studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science (1994) and the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva (1995-1996), where he received the Diplôme d'Études Supérieures (DES) in International Law. His stay in Switzerland allowed him to discuss problems with WTO officials and to become aware of the most critical Trade Law issues, such as those related to international trade in services. He defended his Ph.D. in April 2001 (cum laude) at the University of Granada, which was later published (“El interés general y el comercio de servicios”, Tecnos, Madrid, 2003). In 2002, he was Visiting Researcher at the European Law Research Center, Harvard Law School. Currently, he is a permanent Lecturer at the University of Granada. He has also published several articles in international journals such as Harvard International Law Journal, Revista Española de Derecho Internacional, Revista de Derecho Comunitario Europeo, etc.

At the Jean Monnet Center in NYU he intends to study the main different national approaches to the regulation of the Internet as well as the existing international law instruments stemming from those approaches. There is an array of questions related to this new technology that national laws have addressed in various forms. The focus will be on some substantial issues, like intellectual property, free speech, privacy and the protection of personal data as well as on a procedural one, the articulation of the domain name system.

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