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Sanem Baykal
Sanem Baykal (Turkey)
Assistant Professor, Ankara University Law School, Department of EU Law; Research Project: "Democracy, Legitimacy and Efficiency: Does The Draft Constitutional Treaty of The EU Get It Right"

- Fellows for the Academic Year 2004-2005

Sanem Baykal was born in Ankara/Turkey in 1969. She obtained her LLB in 1990 from Ankara University, Law Faculty and her LLM in "European Law" from University of London in 1994 with the Jean Monnet Scholarship of the European Commission. In 2001 she received her PhD from Ankara University in "European Union Law". During her PhD studies she conducted research in Queen Mary College, University of London due to the award she received from Turkish Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Sanem Baykal is Assistant Professor of European Union Law at Ankara University, Faculty of Law since November 2003. Prior to her appointment she was a research assistant at the European Studies Department of Ankara University, Institute of Social Sciences.

Dr. Baykal has published articles, book chapters and monographs mainly on EU Institutional/Constitutional Law and Turkey-EU Relations. Her current fields of research are constitutionalisation process, legitimacy and democratic deficit in the European Union. Among her most recent works, an article entitled "Significance of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in Context of the Emerging European Polity" in Maria Gavouneli and Vangelis Kyriakopoulos (eds.), Olympia III: Human Rights in the 21 st Century, Ant. N. Sakkoulas Publishers, Athens, 2003 and her paper presented in the ECSA-C 6 th Biennial Conference "A Constitution for Europe? Governance and Policy Making in the European Union" in Montreal/Canada on 27-29 May 2004 can be cited. She is also the co-author of the book chapter "Turkey-European Union Relations: 1990-2001", in Baskin Oran (ed.), Turkish Foreign Policy, Vol. II, Iletisim Publications, Istanbul, 2001, with Professor Tugrul Arat.

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