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Chan-Mo Chung (Korea) , Research Fellow, Korea Information Strategy Development Institute; Research Project: "Toward Information and Telecommunications Market Integration in Eastern Asia: Lessons from the EU, NAFTA and WTO"

- Fellows for the Academic Year 2004-2005

- Fellows for the Academic Year 2005-2006

Chan-Mo Chung is a graduate of Oxford University (D.Phil., Application of EC Competition Law to Public Enterprises, 1995), Korea University (LL.M, International Law, 1989) and Seoul National University (BA, Linguistics, 1987).  

Since 1995 Dr. Chung has worked for Korea Information Strategy Development Institute (KISDI) as a Research Fellow. KISDI is a leading think tank in Korea which develops information and telecommunications policies and regulations. He has acted as a director of the Center for Law and Information Society (2002-2003) and the Center for IT Trade Policy (2004 - ).    In the area of legal and policy issues of the information society, Chan-Mo is particularly interested in intellectual property rights, privacy and electronic commerce. He has advised on the drafting of digital amendments of Copyright Act, Internet Address Resources Act and various other IT related laws of Korea. He played a key role in the establishment of Korea Domain Name Dispute Resolution Committee in 2001 and still being a committee member and panelist.    In the area of international economic law, His team in KISDI develops negotiation strategies for WTO and FTA telecommunications negotiations. He is a founding member of the Korean Association of International Economic Law. 

At the Jean Monnet Center for International & Regional Law & Justice, he will work on legal and policy issues in IT market integration in East Asia: lessons from EU, NAFTA and WTO. 


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