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Fellows for the Academic Year 2006-2007

Senior Emile Noel Fellows

Ralf Rogowski (UK/Germany), Reader in Law, University of Warwick, United Kingdom; Research Project: "Reflexive Coordination: The Social Model of the European Union."

Emile Noel Fellows

Amleto Cattarin (Italy), Assistant Professor for the chair of Public Law and Constitutional Law at Padova University, School of Law, Italy; Research Project: "The new characters of democracy in the U.S.: Direct exercise of the sovereign power in the matter of taxation. A profound comparison with the European experience."

Theodore Georgopoulos (Greece)
, Research Fellow at the Centre of International and Community Studies (CERIC, Aix-en-Provence) and Full-time Senior Lecturer at Reims Law School, France; Research Project: "Human rights protection and tax treaties between U.S. and EU member states: bridging the gap?"

Fernando Christian Iaione (Italy), Professor of Urban Planning Law at “LUMSA” University of Rome, School of Law; Fellow in Public Law and Economics, Dept. of Law and Economics and Assistant Professor of Administrative Law at “La Sapienza” University of Rome; and Assistant Professor of Administrative Law at “LUISS” University of Rome, School of Law, Italy; Research Project: “Local autonomy and local competition. Democracy and efficiency in local government.”

George Katrougalos (Greece), Assistant Professor of Public Law at Demokritos University of Thrace, Greece; Research Project: "The perspectives of the European social citizenship."

Pierpaolo Settembri
Pierpaolo Settembri (Italy),
Researcher at European Institute of Public Administration, Maastrict, The Netherlands; Research Project: "EU Enlargement and the Council of Ministers: A Research Agenda."


Mariola Urrea Corres (Spain), Assistant Professor of European Community Law, Public International Law and Jean Monnet Chair, University of La Rioja, Spain: Research Project: "The European Treaty Revision: The Entry in force of the European Constitution."


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