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Theodore Georgopoulos (Greece), Research Fellow at the Centre of International and Community Studies (CERIC, Aix-en-Provence) and Full-time Senior Lecturer at Reims Law School, France; Research Project: "Human rights protection and tax treaties between U.S. and EU member states: bridging the gap?"

Theodore Georgopoulos, born in 1975, holds a Ph.D. and a LL.M. (D.E.A.) in European Law from the University Aix-Marseille III as well as a LL.M. in International Law and a Law Degree from the University of Athens.For his Ph.D. on the influence of EC Law on the separation of powers in France and in Germany (Dalloz Publishers, 2005), he was awarded with thesis awards from the following: the European Group of Public Law, the French Center of Comparative Law and the University Aix-Marseille III.

Theodore is a full-time Senior Lecturer in European Law at the University of Reims Law School in France and Research Fellow at the C.E.R.I.C. (Aix-en-Provence, France). He also teaches European Τax Law in Aix-Marseille Law School and EU Law at Bucharest University Law School. He is an Attorney-at-Law, specializing in International Tax and European Law, Member of the Directory Board of the CEDECE (European Law Professors Association, Paris) and Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Administrative Law (Athens).He has published three books in European and Comparative Constitutional Law, several book contributions and articles in various journals, including the European Law Review, the European Law Journal, the Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Européen and the Revue Générale de Droit International Public.

As an EU-US Fulbright Research Scholar and Emile Noël Fellow, Theodore will focus on the relation between Constitutional/International Human Rights and International Tax Law, particularly in the field of transatlantic business transactions.

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