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Fernando Christian Iaione (Italy), Research Associate and Lecturer in Public
and Administrative Law, Dept. of Law and Economics at "La Sapienza"
University of Rome, Business School; Assistant Professor of Administrative
Law at "LUISS" University of Rome, School of Law; Adjunct Professor of Land Use Law at "LUMSA" University of Rome, School of Law. Research Project: "Local autonomy and global competition. Democracy and efficiency in local government."

Christian Iaione holds a doctoral degree (2006) from "La Sapienza"
University of Rome and a law degree (1999) from LUISS University of Rome.
In 2000 he interned at the International Law Institute of Washington D.C. as
a research associate and in 2001 he interned for the EU Commission in
Brussels. In 2002 he joined "La Sapienza" University of Rome (Business
School) and LUISS University of Rome (School of law) as a research fellow
and lecturer of constitutional and administrative law. He was also in
private practice in Rome and Milan from 2002-2005. In 2006 he became adjunct
professor of land use law at the LUMSA University of Rome. He has published
articles in the field of public and administrative law, urban planning and
land use law, government contracts, public utilities and judicial review. He
has taught administrative law and given seminars on urban planning and land
use law. Although he considers himself an administrative law scholar by
training, his research bears a strong multi-disciplinarian influence, law
and economics studies and democratic theory being his other main areas of
expertise. His work also takes on a comparative perspective between the
legal systems of the U.S. and the European legal systems. His "La Sapienza"
Law School doctoral dissertation, titled "Autonomy and competition in local
government" is an exercise in the convergence of the aforementioned areas,
with an overall aim of formulating a critical analysis of mechanisms which
foster competition among local governments in the context of highly
decentralized countries. He plans to spend his time as an Emile Noël Fellow
at NYU to further research the themes of public governance and
interjurisdictional competition for the design of multi-tier systems.

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