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Ralf Rogowski (UK/Germany), Reader in Law, School of Law, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK; Research Project: "Reflexive Coordination of EU Social and Employment Policies"

Dr. iur (EUI, Florence), LL.M (Wisconsin), Ass.iur (Berlin).

 Ralf Rogowski is Reader in Law at Warwick University since 1999. Prior to Warwick he worked at Lancaster University and at the Free University in Berlin. He is currently the principal European Union law lecturer, Director of the Law and Sociology Programme and Co-Director of the Social Theory Centre at Warwick University.

Dr Rogowski is working in the areas of European Union law, employment law, legal theory, sociology of law, and comparative law. He has a particular interest in applying social systems theory to the study of law. He has been editor of the book series Studies in Modern Law and Policy since 1996. He has published extensively in the field of constitutional law, labour law, and social theory of law. He is currently engaged in research on labour market policy in the European Union and on trends in labour law at the global level.

At the Jean Monnet Center, his research will focus on efforts to reform coordination policies in the European Union, mainly in the areas of social and employment policies. For this purpose a theoretical frame is developed which is called reflexive coordination. It builds on insights gained from a reflexive labour law concept and from a regulation theory inspired by modern social systems theory.

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