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Giulia Bertezzolo (Italy), University Lecturer for the University of TrentoEngineering faculty.  Tutor for LL.M. on “Advanced Studies on European and Transnational Law” for the University of Trento Law School.  Research Project: "Characteristics and consequences of European Union’s (EU) institutions participation or non-participation within Global Financial Standard Setters: will the European Union be overruled by Global Bodies?"

Giulia Bertezzolo was born in Verona in 1978.  She holds a doctoral degree in EU and Comparative Administrative Law (2006) and a law degree (2002) from the University of Trento (Italy).

Since the beginning of her University studies, International issues have always captured her interest, an interest which resulted in Ms. Bertezzolo's specialization in administrative law with a particular focus on EC law. She has been member of many research projects on EC law and has worked to improve her knowledge through a study visit at the European Court of Justice and the European Parliament in Luxembourg. In 2003, Ms. Bertezzolo was named been Robert Shuman Trainee at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Since 2002, she has collaborated with the administrative law chair at the Trento Law School, where she has been also lecturer and tutor for the LL.M. in “Advanced studies on EC and Transnational Law”.

As an Emile Noël Fellow at NYU, Ms. Bertezzolo plans to focus on the nature and consequences of relationships established between European Community and Global Standard Setter Bodies in the financial sector.

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