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Scott Siegel (America/Germany), Assistant Professor, Naval Postgraduate School, Department of National Security Affairs; Research Project: “Courts Prevent Compliance: The Role of Constitutional Courts in Delaying Implementation of EU Law”.

Scott Siegel joined the faculty of the NPS in September of 2006. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Government at Cornell University. He has also taught at Syracuse University and the University of Bremen. He received a B.A. with Honors from the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago in 1999.

His research interests center on compliance with international law, especially within the European Union. He focuses on issues related to free trade and compliance with regulatory decisions made by international institutions. His primary area of regional expertise is Western Europe. His dissertation explores the links between democratic legitimacy and the rule of international law. Other research interests of his include the comparative politics of international law, the domestic legitimacy and politics of international law, and the intersection of comparative and international politics, more generally.

Before arriving in Monterey, Siegel was a guest researcher at the Social Sciences Research Center (WZB) in Berlin, Germany from January 2005-August 2006. His published discussion paper, "Law and Order in the EU," presents some of his initial findings while researching his dissertation in Berlin and London. A version of this paper is currently under review for publication at European Union Politics. Siegel was also a fellow of the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the University of Bremen from Fall 2003 to Winter 2005. He currently teaches Introduction to European Politics and Introduction to Comparative Politics.


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