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Stavros Tsakyrakis (Greece), Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Athens University; Research Project: " The Balancing Approach on the Balance: Human Rights Limitations in the ECHR".

Professor Tsakyrakis is an Associate Professor of Constitutional Law at Athens University where he teaches courses on Human Rights, General Theory of the State, and Legal Ethics while simultaneously serving as a practicing attorney where he has successfully argued cases before the European Court of Human Rights.  Dr. Tsakyrakis has published extensively on numerous Human Rights issues including terrorism, hate speech and the death penalty.  Professor Tsakyrakis has had various sabbaticals in Paris, Harvard University, and Columbia University, and while at NYU Law he will spend his time conducting on a research project entitled "The Balancing Approach on the Balance: Human Rights Limitations in the ECHR" which will provide research for another book he will write on the general theory of human rights law.  During his residency, Professor Tsakyrakis will be affiliated with the Jean Monnet Center.

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