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The Emile Noel Fellowship Program

A. Objectives

The principal objective of the Emile Noel Fellowship program is scholarship and the advancement of research on the themes prioritized by the Jean Monnet Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice. These themes include the following over arching areas: European Integration, general issues of International (principally WTO) and Regional Economic Law and Justice and Comparative Constitutional Law. The expectation is that the residency of our Fellows at NYU School of Law, will result in at least one paper that will be of sufficient quality to be published as a Jean Monnet Working Paper.

During the period of residence, we encourage our Fellows to participate fully in the life of the Law School and of NYU in general, not to mention the endless possibilities that New York City has to offer. The Fellows will be expected to play an active role in the activities of the Center including the Emile Noel Fellows Forum, one of the activities we consider to be at the heart of our center. The Forum takes place on a bi-weekly basis throughout the fall and spring semester. During the spring semester, the Emile Noel Fellows are in addition expected to participate in the weekly Jean Monnet Seminar conducted by Professor J.H.H.Weiler

B. Fellows

The Jean Monnet Center at NYU School of Law currently offers fellowship opportunity for academics in the following two categories:

Senior Emile Noel Fellows:

The Senior Emile Noel Fellowship is open only to tenured faculty who are interested in spending one semester or a full academic year as a Fellow within the Jean Monnet Center. The Fellowship offers a symbolic honorarium (See below, C. Administrative and Financial Provisions) however in order to create a pleasant and fruitful residence within the center, we will guarantee that each Senior Fellow receives comfortable office space for the duration of their residency in addition to the availability of subsidized accommodation within easy commuting distance of the Law School (See below, D. Housing Facilities). To further their integration in the intellectual life of the Law School, we will also ensure that our Senior Fellows are included in many of the NYU School of Law Faculty events throughout the academic year. This will be in addition to the environment of the Jean Monnet Program within which our Fellows are involved in a wide range of academic, social and cultural activities. Please take a look at the following web pages for an insight into life within the Jean Monnet Center:

Emile Noel Fellows:

The Emile Noel Fellowship is open to post doctoral scholars and public officials and offers the opportunity of spending either one semester or a full academic year in residence at NYU School of Law. The Fellowship offers a symbolic stipend (See below, C. Administrative and Financial Provisions) and we will ensure that our Fellows have pleasant working space available to them for the full period of their residency as well as the availability of subsidized accommodation within easy commuting distance of the Law School (See below, D. Housing Facilities). We encourage our Fellows to integrate themselves as much as possible both academically and socially in NYU School of Law and welcome them into the environment of the Jean Monnet Center. Please take a look at the following web pages for an insight into life within the Jean Monnet Center:

C. Administrative and Financial Provisions

Fellows may be appointed for one semester or one academic year. Fellows are expected to be present at NYU School of Law during the full period of their Fellowship. In principle it is expected that Fellows will obtain their own source of finance.

Fellows will normally receive a symbolic stipend of $3000 per annum (prorated) in the hope that such funding, in addition to an official letter of appointment, will help prospective Fellows secure additional funding. From this stipend the fellows will be charged a capitation fee of $150 per month.

Emile Noel Fellows of the Jean Monnet Center are full members of the NYU community with access to all university facilities. The Center will provide comfortable working space (private or shared office) for each fellow and will also provide high level subsidized accommodation within easy commuting distance of the Law School.

Fellows must have health insurance for the entire period of their stay. Medical Insurance may be purchased from NYU but it is the responsibility of fellows who wishes to take this option to make the necessary arrangements. You should contact the University Health Insurance Department at (212) 443 1020 once you have your NYU registration. Fellows who are taking the NYU insurance must arrange a transitional health insurance starting from the first day of their arrival till the time they purchase the NYU insurance. It is imperative that you have a health insurance from the moment of your arrival in the United States.

D. Housing Facilities

In short, housing is very difficult in New York city. A studio in the vicinity of NYU School of Law will cost from $1500 upwards per month and is often likely to be of poor quality. NYU’s own students who reside in University shared apartment accommodation with shared bathrooms pay from $1400 upwards per month and even this type of accommodation is very much in demand.

As a result, in the past it has often been the case that our fellows have experienced serious difficulties in finding accommodation and at times have come to New York and simply been unable to find something suitable. In order to avoid such situations, we have taken the measure of renting a bulk of high quality apartments within easy commuting distance of NYU School of Law, located at 45 Wall Street in the downtown area of Manhattan. We have available a fixed number of studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments as we are aware that many of our Senior Emile Noel Fellows and Emile Noel Fellows may wish to travel with a partner or family. The concentration of the apartments in this building has allowed our program to form a community for our fellows which otherwise may not have been possible. The apartments are home to not only Emile Noel Fellows, but also to Global Research Fellows and Hauser Research Scholars from within the Hauser Global Law School Program here at NYU. Our experience has so far been very positive with the apartments and the community which has been created at 45 Wall Street and we hope that this atmosphere will continue to grow in the coming years.

In the event that you are successful with your application for an Emile Noel Fellowship, we would urge you to be in touch with us as soon as possible to enquire into accommodation availability as we have only a fixed number of apartments each year.

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E. Admission Process

In general, there is no fixed deadline for applications. On the contrary, the Jean Monnet Center welcomes the submission of applications throughout the year. Decisions will be made on a revolving basis.

Please note however that if you are planning a sabbatical during the academic year 2005/2006, and would like to be considered for the Senior Emile Noel Fellowship, we will be processing applications between January and March 2004. In addition, applications for Emile Noel fellowships for the Spring 2005 semester will be accepted for consideration until December 2004.

The selection of Fellows will take into consideration the credentials of the applicants, the interest of the program in the proposed research project and possible synergies with the research of other Fellows. Up to nine Fellows are accepted during any academic year.

F. Application Form

The completed application form (attachment) should be emailed to the Jean Monnet Center at: Fellows@JeanMonnetProgram.Org. We look forward to hearing from you.

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