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Reciepients for 1999-2000 at Harvard :

Norio Araki, Associate Professor of Law at Hakuoh University, working on a comparative study on effectiveness and compulsory nature of the international legal system and the European Legal System.

Ulrich Becker, Professor of Public Law, German and European Social Law, University of Regensburg, working on the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice regarding the control of unlawful changes to the Community treaties with respect to Community Law.

Christoph Feddersen, Univ. of Hamburg School of Law, University Assistant; clerk at Hamburg State Court of Appeals, Constitutional and EC Law Division, working on the relationship between Article XX(a)GATT and national sovereignty.

Christoph Demmke, Head of Unit (European Public Management) at the European Institute of Public Administration, Maastricht, NL, working on inovative approaches in implementing and enforcing environmental law.

Renée Haferkamp, European Scholar-in-Residence, working on the relationship between identity, culture and diversity within the European Union and communication and efficiency.

Sieglinde Schreiner-Linford, Managing Editor and Database Administrator of the European Foreign Policy Bulletin, working on the use of internet technology for research and teaching of EU law.

Constanze Schulte, University of Munich Law School, University Assistant, working on non-compliance with decisions of the European Court of Justice.

Andrew Scott, Jean Monnet Senior Lecturer in the Economics of the European Union, Europa Institute, University of Edinburgh, working on research on the political economy of European integration.

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