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Fellows for 2000-2001 at Harvard:

Karen Alter, Assistant Professor of Government at Northwestern University, working on how the design of international legal systems (including the EU, WTO, NAFTA, ECHR, and IACHR) enhances or undermines the ability of international law to shape state behavior.

Norio Araki, Associate Professor of Law at Hakuoh University, working on a comparative study on effectiveness and compulsory nature of the international legal system and the European legal system.

Hyung-Yoon Choi, Collaborating with the Jean Monnet Chair on the use of Internet technology for research and teaching of EU, international and regional economic law

Renee Haferkamp, European Scholar-in-Residence, working on the relationship between identity, culture and diversity within the European Union and communication and efficiency.

Antonio Lazari, PhD in Comparative Law at the University of Florence Working on national public legal systems within the European Union framework.

Constanze Schulte, Research Fellow, Institute of International Law, University of Munich, Working on non-compliance with decisions of the European Court of Justice

Imola Streho, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Law, Paris II Assas. Working on the notion of services in Community Law

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