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Annalisa Reale
Annalisa Reale (Italy)
Researcher, University of Rome La Sapienza

- Fellows for the Academic Year 2002-2003

Annalisa Reale is a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Faculty of Law, University of Rome I, "La Sapienza", Italy. She is also Assistant Professor of EC Employment Law at the University LUMSA of Rome.

Annalisa obtained a J.D. in Law (magna cum laude) at the University of Rome I, "La Sapienza", ('96) and in 1997 she entered a Ph.D. in European Community Labor and Employment Law at the same University. In 2000 she attended, as Fulbright Fellow, a LLM program at Columbia University, New York, where she graduated in 2001. At Columbia Annalisa received the academic recognition of "Stone Scholar" and the "Columbia University Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law Special Award" in connection with the research project "Private and public enforcement of International Labor Standards". In 2001 she defended her Ph.D. dissertation, "Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining in the EC system" at the University La Sapienza of Rome. Since 2002 she is Fellow Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Rome I, "La Sapienza", Law Faculty, and Assistant Professor of EC Employment Law at the University LUMSA of Rome.

At the Jean Monnet Center, where Annalisa will be a post-doctoral fellow, she will conduct further research on participatory democracy and the role of social partners in the new European Governance, with special reference to the participation of the social actors in the law-making procedures (social policy field, sect. 138 and 139 of the EU Treaty). The research, which will address the problematic of the democracy of the mentioned legislative process and of the legitimacy and accountability of the social partners, will also make reference to the theories of multicultural jurisdiction, consociational democracy and neo-corporatism.

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