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Maria C. R. Rocha
Maria C. R. Rocha (Brazil)

- Fellows for the Academic Year 2003-2004

Maria Rocha is a Lawyer (Advogada) in Rio de Janeiro, where she works as an independent legal consultant at other law firms, advising on international trade issues. She was also an Assistant Professor at the Veiga de Almeida University, as well as an invited lecturer in many other academic institutions around the country.

She received her Law Degree (Bacharelado) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1994), where she also earned her Master's Degree in Law (1997). In 1998 she received a scholarship from the European Commission (Europe Aid-Latin America-Alfa Program-Reséau Eulalia) that enabled her to conduct research at the Coimbra University, Portugal, where she also obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in European Integration Law.

She has always researched in the area of International Trade Law, especially dealing with Regional Trade Agreements. She is currently writing a book about the protectionist aspect of the Antidumping Law. She has a previously published book about the MERCOSUR.

While visiting the Jean Monnet Center she will conduct further research on the development of the trade policy in the Free Trade Are of the Americas, focusing on the antidumping system to be implemented in the region

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