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Boris Rotenberg
Boris Rotenberg (Belgium), Ph.D candidate, European University Institute (EUI), Italy; Research Project: "The Legal Status of European Initiatives in the Field of E-Government: Electronic Identity Management, Open Source Software and the EU Charter's Right to Good Administration"

- Fellows for the Academic Year 2004-2005

Boris Rotenberg is a Global Emile Noel Fellow. Research interests include media law, competition law (antitrust), free speech theory, intellectual property rights, and e-government; mainly in the European context. For the Jean Monnet Center and Hauser Global Law School Program, he will further develop his ideas on the intriguing relation between European software regulation and the right to freedom of expression.

He received his basic legal education at Leuven (Belgium). He then read for the Magister Juris degree at Oxford (Freshfields & Artal scholarships - Honours & Clifford Chance Prize (best performance)). Between 2000 and 2004, he wrote a Ph.D. thesis at the European University Institute (Italy), on "The Legal Regulation of Communications Bottlenecks in the European Digital Broadcasting Market." During these doctoral studies, he was a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University (Spring 2002).

Boris is an editor of the International Journal of Communications Law and Policy (www.ijclp.org), of the European Political Economy Review, and a contributing editor to the monthly European Current Law. In addition, he was a 'stagiaire' with the European Commission, DG Information Society (2004), and a trainee with the BBC (2001), Clifford Chance (1999), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (1998).

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