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Theodor Schilling (Germany/Luxembourg)
Lawyer-Reviser, Court of Justice of the EC, Extraordinary Professor, Humboldt University at Berlin; Research Project: "Constitutionalization of International Law- An Answer to Globalization"

- Fellows for the Academic Year 2004-2005

Theodor Schilling is a lawyer-reviser in the ECJ´s translation directorate and an extraordinary (apl.) professor at Humboldt University. He regularly teaches international human rights law and the law of the WTO. Recent publications include a textbook on the international protection of human rights (2004), an article on the protection of human rights against Security Council resolutions (ZaoRV, issue 64/2, 2004) and an article on The Court of Justice´s Revolution (ELRev. 2002, 445).

After having studied at the universities of Erlangen and Wurzburg, a practical court training and a stint at the Bavarian Ministry of Finance, Theodor Schilling joined the ECJ´s translation directorate where, with some interruptions, he has stayed since. The interruptions include a three years lectureship at the University of Edinburgh, a period as law clerk in Judge Bahlmann´s chambers at the ECJ, visiting professorships at German universities and an EU Fellowship at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford (MA).

Theodor Schilling gained an LL.M. from Edinburgh University, a Dr. jur. utr. from the university of Wurzburg and a Dr. jur. habil. from Humboldt University. As a Global Fellow, he will do research on the constitutionalization of international law as a possible answer to globalization.

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