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Georg Kofler
Georg Kofler (Austria)

Georg Kofler graduated at the top of his law class from Johannes Kepler University of Linz in 2000, receiving several prizes and scholarships for academic distinction. Simultaneously, he was enrolled in a business administration program at the University of Linz, which he finished in 2002. He has earned a doctorate in law with an award winning thesis as well as a doctorate in business administration in 2002 and 2003 respectively, both with highest distinction. During the last two years of his diploma studies in law he worked at the law school's Department of Tax Law as a Junior Assistant, and was appointed Acting Assistant Professor to this department in 2001. He serves as a member of the academic staff of ecolex, a faculty-edited Austrian journal on business law, and has authored and co-authored on various aspects of Austrian and international tax law, including 3 monographs, 1 anthology as an editor, and about 80 articles and reviews of court decisions in academic journals and anthologies. In 2002 and 2003 he practiced tax law with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and clerked at the Federal Court of Appeals in Austria. He is interested in international taxation law.

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