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Nijman, Janne Elisabeth
Janneke Elisabeth Nijman (The Netherlands), Ph.D. candidate, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Janne Elisabeth Nijman is a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for International Law and Justice in the History and Theory of International Law Program and a PhD candidate at Leiden University, The Netherlands. Her research currently focuses on questions of corporate responsibility addressed from a legal-historical angle. This research builds to some extent on her dissertation which deals with the concept of international legal personality. She is the author of "Sovereignty and Personality: a process of inclusion," in G. Kreijen (et al.), State, Sovereignty, and International Governance (OUP, 2002). After studies in law at Leiden University, she was a research fellow at the T.M.C. Asser Institute (The Hague) in the Asser Dissertation Program.

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