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Jacqueline Peel (Australia), Lecturer, University of Melbourne

Jacqueline Peel will also be serving as an Emile Noel Fellow this year. She is a lecturer-in-law at the University of Melbourne, Australia where she teaches in the graduate and undergraduate environmental law program. Jackie earned an LL.M. degree from NYU School of Law as an Australian Fulbright Scholar. Her Masters studies focused on international environmental law and its linkages with other areas of international law, including trade law and human rights. In 1996, she completed a joint Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws program at the Universtiy of Queensland, Australia, graduating with First Class Honors and a University Medal in law. Following her time at New York University, Jackie received a scholarship to undertake an internship at the United Nations International Law Commission in Geneva, where she assisted the Special Rapporteur on State Responsibility, Professor James Crawford, in drafting commentaries for the Commission's Articles on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts. Jackie has also worked as a solicitor in the planning and environmental division of the Australian legal firm of Allen, Allen and Hemsley Solicitors. Jackie's major area of research interest is international environmental regulation, though she has also published in the field of domestic environmental law. She draws on her inter-disciplinary background in examining linkages between science and law in the environmental field. She is currently writing a book entitled Environmental Decision-making in Circumstances of Scientific Uncertainty: the Precautionary Principle in Practice. At NYU Jackie's research will explore the role of scientific knowledge in WTO decision-making on health and environmental threats.

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