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Shi, Jingxia
Jingxia Shi (China), Professor, China University of International Business & Economics

Prof., Dr. Jingxia Shi earned her LL.B in 1992 from Wuhan University and then continued her graduate education at the same institution. She received PhD in law in June1998. Thereafter, she served as a lecturer in the Law School, China University of International Business & Economics (UIBE). In July 2001, she was promoted to associate professor. In December 2002, she got the full Professorship at the Law School of UIBE. She is a research fellow at the China National Institute of WTO Studies. During 2000, she was in residence at the Center for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary College, University of London as a visiting scholar. She has been one of members in the Drafting Committee of the Enterprise Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law of the PRC (organized by Fiscal and Economic Committee of NPC) since 2000. She also practices law at Beijing Zhongyin Law Firm as a part-time lawyer. Prof. Dr. Shi has taught in the fields of WTO law, transnational corporation law and private international law. Her research interests focus on various aspects of international trade in services, cross-border insolvency, and international investment. Dr. Shi also takes charges in several national research projects on cross-border insolvency and international trade in services, which are subsidized by the State Fund. Dr. Shi has published numerous articles in the INSOL International Insolvency Review, Social Sciences in China, China Legal Science, CASS Studies in Law and other professional journals in China and abroad. She was awarded the "National Prize for 100 Excellent Ph.D. Dissertations" (the only such prize in the legal subject) jointly by The Ministry of Education and The Degree Committee of State Council of China for her PhD dissertation entitled "Legal Issues in Cross-border Insolvency" in 2000.

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