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Aoyama, Keiji
Keiji Aoyama (Japan), Senior official, National Tax Agency (NTA), Japan

Keiji Aoyama is a senior official at the National Tax Agency (NTA) in Japan. He graduated from Tokyo University with a Master of Law degree in 1973. He passed the highest level examination for Japanese National Government Service and joined NTA as a junior administrator. Since then, he has been engaged in a variety of jobs at NTA, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). He has been with NTA for over twenty years in total. In his early years at NTA, he was engaged in planning and middle management at headquarters. After having served seven years at MOF and three years at MOFA, he returned to NTA as a senior official in charge of international taxation. Since then, he has served seven years in representing some international units in NTA, which include competent authority in charge of tax treaty issues as well as Japanese permanent delegate to the Committee on Fiscal Affairs (CFA) OECD, etc. Furthermore, he was Vice chairman of the Working Party No.6, CFA OECD, from 1998 to 2000.

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