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Kyoungkyou Choi
Kyoungkyou Choi (South Korea), Professor, Police Science Department, National Police University of Korea.

Graduated from the Police University with an LL.B in 1991. LL.M at University of Minnesota Law School in 1996 as a Korean Government Fellow. As a police lieutenant, led a local police sub-station from 1994 to 1995. Taught at Police Academy from 1997 to 1999 as an Instructor. After being promoted to a Police Captain, worked at a local police station as a deputy-chief of police for a year and a half. Then joined the Police University as a Professor in Jan. 2002. After joining the University, wrote the textbook of 'Crime Prevention'(co-author with Professor Kim), 'Community Policing'(co-author with Professor Park), Human Rights and Policing(Due) and many articles on 'Juvenile Crimes', 'Gun Use', 'Civilian Crime Prevention Unit', 'Miranda Warnings in US and Korea', etc. Visited Japan, Australia and New Zealand Police Agencies in 2003 with the President of the University and 12 chiefs of police. An advisory member of Student 'Go' Club(Amateur 5 dan), and previously was head of University Faculty Tennis Club. Also a big fan of MLB.

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