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Matej Avbelj
Matej Avbelj (Slovenia)

Matej Avbelj graduated first in his law class from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2003 and was awarded Faculty's Grade Point Average Acknowledgment. Simultaneously, he has been studying history at Ljubljana Faculty of Arts. He was a student editor on the Ljubljana University Student Law Review, where he founded a special rubric Ius Constitutionalis dedicated to constitutionality, legality and human rights. He has published several articles in the leading Slovenian professional law and political reviews predominantly covering issues of constitutional law, freedom of speech, law of democracy and international law. He has been working as a co-author on a case-book about freedom of speech in Slovenia, Europe and in the USA. Matej worked briefly in a bank and as a practitioner in a law firm, but in the last two years he worked for the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia where he conducted research in comparative constitutional law. He has been organizing and attending seminars on constitutional and EU law and actively taking part in the Slovenian civil society. He is interested in Constitutional Law, Law of EU, International Law and Philosophy of Law.

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