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Mitsuhiro Nagai
Mitsuhiro Nagai (Japan)

Mitsuhiro Nagai graduated from CHUO University with a Bachelor's of Law degree in1986. After passing the National Law Examination, he joined the Kobe Bar Association in 1995. That same year, Kobe suffered a massive earthquake. Mitsuhiro was active in promoting tort litigation for victims of "defective housing" in the Kobe region. He has also been active in promoting pro bono projects that relate to environmental issues. He also has an interest in medical malpractice cases, having been a lawyer for plaintiffs in several cases. In 2001, he joined the Wetland research project instituted by the JFBA and is very interested in conserving the wetlands. At NYU, he plans to research environmental and land use regulation, and also investigate into the actual conditions of "ecosystem management" in the U.S.

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