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Wang, Xiumei
Xiumei Wang (China), Associate Professor, Renmin University of China

Xiumei Wang, Associate Professor of Renmin University of China. After she obtained her first degree of law in 1988, she went to the court and was promoted to be a judge in 1995. Later, she discovered that it would be beneficial for her to do further study of law and for this purposes, went to Renmin University Law School getting her LLM and Ph.D separately in 1997 and 2000. Presently, she is very interesting in the field of criminal law, environmental criminal law and international criminal law especially the international criminal court. Recent publications include: Criminalizing and Sentencing on Environmental Crime, (Supreme People's Court Press, 1999); Study on International Criminal Court, (Renmin University Press, 2002); Manual for Ratification and Implementation of Rome Statute of International Criminal Court (Translation), Zhongxin (Press, 2002); Resources and Concept of International Criminal Law (Translation), (Law Press, 2003). She is currently a Global Research Fellow within Global Law School Program at NYU.

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