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Non-governmental organizations in Europe - NGOs
  • European Audiovisual Observatory - Information and data on economic, legal and financial matters relating to the film industry, television, video and new media in 33 European member states and within the EU.

  • European Community Studies Association (ECSA) - is an international scientific network which regroups 49 national associations of professors and researchers working in the field of European integration studies representing more than 7000 members.

  • European Cultural Foundation (ECF) - to add a human dimension to the economic, technical and legal initiatives of the new Europe: to create "a Europe of the spirit and of the heart".

  • European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) - pursues four distinctive objectives, namely to organise and encourage the exchange of information on developments in the theory and practice of public administration, to foster comparative studies and the development of public administrative theory within a European perspective, to facilitate the application of innovative ideas, methods and techniques in public administration, and to include young teachers, researchers as also civil servants in its activities.

  • European Students' Forum (AEGEE) - is a voluntary, non-profit organisation that operates without being linked to any political party. It is represented in 271 university cities, in 40 countries all around Europe and has about 17 000 members.

  • European Policy Centre (EPC) - is a think tank, an interface between government, business and civil society. You will find news, publications and dossiers on the EPC's website.

  • The Federal Trust - is a think tank committed to enlightening the debate on good governance.

  • Federation of European Employers (FEDee) - is an independent, politically neutral and non-profit organization providing a direct voice for major employers at a European level.

  • Friends of Europe - Debating Europe's future

  • The Friends of Jean Monnet Association's - goal is "to contribute its support for all activities and projects aimed at reviving and transmitting the memory of Jean Monnet, his work and his teachings."

  • The NGO's Network- An electronic networking resource for non-governmental organizations at the United Nations and worldwide.

  • Politeia (The network for citizenship and democracy in Europe) - A virtual organization of more than 1500 persons and institutions that are active in the field of citizenship and politics. The goal of the network is to promote social and political participation of the European citizens.

  • Statewatch - includes a free, searchable database. Coverage includes news, features and research sources on new measures introduced by national governments and the EU institutions in Brussels as well as reporting from the ground on the effect of policies and state practices in the community. Contains Statewatch European Monitoring and Documentation Centre website on justice and home affairs and civil liberties in the EU: Full-text documentation, analysis & legislative observatory.

  • UNICE - Union of Industrial and Employers Confederations of Europe

  • Young European Federalists

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