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  • A-Z Index of European Union Websites

  • The Delegation of the European Commission to the United States

  • ECLAS - Commission's library catalogue; contains bibliographic references to EC publications and documents, externally published books and articles on European topics.

  • EU depository libraries in the US

  • Euroguide - Subject gateway to websites which contain information about the European Union.

  • Governments on the WWW - Links to most governmental institutions in Europe which provide information on-line. In particular, this list includes: institutions of the legislative branch (parliaments) institutions of the executive branch (ministries, offices, agencies, institutes, municipal administrations and others), institutions of the judicative branch (law courts), embassies and consulates, public broadcasting companies, some other government-related institutions and political parties.

  • JURIST - has some good substantial content, helpful links and up to date news and papers. The site continues to be a choice search base for a general overview of recent EU developments, working papers, book reviews and other documentation.

  • LAWTEL EU - Full-text service for EU cases, proposed and adopted legislation, merger decisions, and Commission reports.

  • Law Web Saarbruecken

  • Modulo Jean Monnet - Current events on the European Integration Process and the Law of the EU in Latin America and Europe (in Spanish).

  • Notre Europe - An active Research and Policy Group which provides up to date and pertinent materials covering most current issues of discussion in the EU with a focus on Europe's future development. Highlights include its array of publications easily downloadable in English, French and very often one other language and its easily navigated research topics.

  • Porte d'Europe

Disclaimer: All links to external websites are listed solely for the convenience of visitors to our site. This list is revised regularly and alterations will occur at our discretion. While our aim is to suggest websites whose content is relevant to European issues, the editorial responsibility of any such sites lies entirely with their owners. We do not necessarily share the aims and opinions presented therein.
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