The Jean Monnet Working Papers > 2004 Jean Monnet Papers

  • No.1/04
    Damien Geradin and Nicolas Petit
    The Development of Agencies at EU and National Levels: Conceptual Analysis and Proposals for Reform
  • No.2/04
    Jacqueline Peel
    Risk Regulation Under the WTO SPS Agreement: Science as an International Normative Yardstick?
  • No.3/04
    Anne Orford
    Trade, Human Rights and the Economy of Sacrifice
  • No.4/04
    Joanne Scott
    European Regulation of GMOs: Thinking about 'Judicial Review' in the WTO
  • No.5/04
    Mattias Kumm and Victor Ferreres Comella
    Symposium: Altneuland: The EU Constitution in a Contextual Perspective
  • No.6/04
    Matej Avbelj
    European Court of Justice and the Question of Value Choices: Fundamental human rights as an exception to the freedom of movement of goods .
  • No.7/04
    Olivier de Schutter
    The Implementation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights through the Open Method of Coordination
  • No.8/04
    Amanda Sloat
    Legislating for Equality:The Implementation of the EU Equality Acquis in Central and Eastern Europe
  • No.9/04
    Zoe Apostolopoulou
    Equal Treatment of People with Disabilities in the EC: What does “Equal” mean?

  • No.10/04
    Gregory Shaffer and Mark Pollack
    Regulating Between National Fears and Global Disciplines: Agricultural Biotechnology in the EU

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Last updated on October 25th, 2004