The Jean Monnet Working Papers > 2007 Jean Monnet Papers

  • No.1/07
    Richard Stith
    Securing the Rule of Law through Interpretive Pluralism: An Argument from Comparative Law

  • No. 2/07
    Dietmar Nickel & Gerrard Quille
    In the Shadow of the Constitution: Common Foreign and Security Policy/European Security and Defence Policy Adapting to a Changing External Environment

  • No. 3/07
    Omar Akbar
    The “Necessary” Connection Between the Duty to Negotiate and Least Restrictive Measures Analysis: The Gambling Dispute Reconsidered

  • No. 4/07
    Pierpaolo Settembri
    The surgery succeeded. Has the patient died? The impact of enlargement on the European Union

  • No. 5/07
    George S. Katrougalos
    The (Dim) Perspectives of the European Social Citizenship

Symposium: European Integration - The New Italian Scholarship

  • No. 6/07
    Marco Dani
    Constitutionalism and Dissonances – Has Europe Paid Off Its Debt to Functionalism?

  • No. 7/07
    Edoardo Chiti
    The European Security and Defense Administration Within the Context of the Global Legal Space

  • No. 8/07
    Giovanni Orlandini
    Right to Strike, Transnational Collective Action and European Law: Time to Move On?

  • No. 9/07
    Barbara Pasa
    Old Terms for New Concepts in Consumer Contracts?

  • No. 10/07
    Tommaso Rafaraci and Rosanna Belfiore
    Judicial Protection of Individuals under the Third Pillar of the European Union

  • No. 11/07
    Marzia Barbera and Bruno Caruso
    In Search of a New Language: Italian Labour Law Scholarship in the Face of European Integration

  • No. 12/07
    Marta Cartabia
    “Taking Dialogue Seriously” The Renewed Need for a Judicial Dialogue at the Time of Constitutional Activism in the European Union

  • No. 13/07
    Armin von Bogdandy
    The European Union as Situation, Executive, and Promoter of the International Law of Cultural Diversity – Elements of a Beautiful Friendship

  • No. 14/07
    Cees Maris
    Laïcité in the Low Countries? On Headscarves in a Neutral State

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