The Jean Monnet Working Papers > 1996 Jean Monnet Papers

  • No. 1/96
    Joseph A. LaNasa III ("Jody")
    An Evaluation of the Uses and Importance of Rules of Origin, and the Effectiveness of the Uruguay Round's Agreement on Rules of Origin in Harmonizing and Regulating them.
  • No. 2/96
    J.H.H. Weiler
    The Jurisprudence of Human Rights in the European Union: Integration and Disintegration, Values and Processes.
  • No. 3/96
    J.H.H. Weiler
    The Selling of Europe: The Discourse of European Citizenship in the IGC 1996.
  • No. 4/96
    Ulrich R. Haltern
    Verantwortlichkeit und Integration in einer mißtrauischen Demokratie - Zwei Studien sur Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit:
  • No. 5/96
    Ulrich R. Haltern
    High time for a check-up: Progressivism, Populism and Constitutional Review in Germany.
  • No. 6/96
    Walter Mattli / Anne-Marie Slaughter
    Constructing the European Community Legal System from the Ground up: The Role of Individual Litigants and National Courts.
  • No. 7/96
    Gregory P. Lubkin
    Is Europe's Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty? The Taxation of Alcohol and the Development of a European Identity.
  • No. 8/96
    Kenneth L. Horton
    The Software Copyright Directive and the Internet: Collision on the Information Superhighway?.
  • No. 9/96
    Daniela Caruso
    The Missing View of the Cathedral: The Private Law Paradigm of European Legal Integration.
  • No. 10/96
    Theodor Schilling/ J.H.H. Weiler / Ulrich R. Haltern
    Who in the Law is the Ultimate Judicial Umpire of European Community Competences? The Schilling - - Weiler/Haltern Debate.
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