2009 Jean Monnet Working Papers

No. 1/09: Grainne de Burca
The European Court of Justice and the International Legal Order after Kadi
No. 2/09: Daniel Halberstam and Eric Stein
The United Nations, the European Union, and the King of Sweden: Economic Sanctions and Individual Rights in a Plural World Order
No. 3/09: Sergio Dellavalle
Constitutionalism Beyond the Constitution: The Treaty of Lisbon in the Light of Post-National Public Law
No. 4/09: Laurent Pech
The Rule of Law as a Constitutional Principle of the European Union
No. 5/09: Kostas A. Lavdas and Dimitris N. Chryssochoou
Republican Europe in a Liberal Milieu
No. 6/09: Marco Dani
Remedying European legal pluralism The FIAMM and Fedon litigation and the judicial protection of international trade bystanders
No. 7/09: António Frada de Sousa
Company’s Cross-border Transfer of Seat in the EU after Cartesio
No. 8/09: Ioannis Lianos
“‘Lost in Translation’? Towards a Theory of Economic Transplants”
No. 9/09: Kristin Henrard
The First Substantive ECJ Judgment on the Racial Equality Directive: A Strong Message in a Conceptually Flawed and Responsively Weak Bottle
No. 10/09: Laurent Pech
The Law of Holocaust Denial in Europe: Towards a (qualified) EU-wide Criminal Prohibition
No. 11/09: Joanna Krzeminska-Vamvaka
Horizontal effect of fundamental rights and freedoms – much ado about nothing? German, Polish and EU theories compared after Viking Line
No. 12/09: Antonio Segura-Serrano
The Transformation of International Law
No. 13/09: Antonio Segura-Serrano
Could - and should - English win the "language war" in regional integration? NAFTA and EU experience
No. 14/09: Gráinne de Búrca
The EU in the Negotiation of the UN Disability Convention